‘The Brain Unravelled’ is a multi-disciplinary exhibition where art, anthropology & neuroscience come together. It bridges the gap between the scientific communities and the general public, and creates a platform for scientists from different disciplines and artists using various mediums to collaborate, exchange ideas and inspire each other. The central theme of the show is consciousness (also known as ‘The Hard Problem’). In the quest of Artificial Intelligence, understanding consciousness is one of the greatest challenges science faces in the 21st Century.

 ‘The Brain Unravelled’ was conceptualised and curated by Maria Lopes and sponsored by UCL and the medical journal ‘The Lancet’. In ‘The Brain Unravelled’ Lopes declared the death of Cartesian Dualism: ‘Cogito et Sentio ergo Sum’ (I think and feel therefore I am). The exhibition features painting, photography, mixed media, installation, sculpture, animation and film. It took place at UCL’s Slade Research Centre in Woburn Square, London in September 2009, and included a daily programme of talks, workshops and events. Barbara Follett, then Minister of Culture in the UK, opened the show on September 7th.

Contributing to the show you will find some of the greatest names in art, anthropology and neuroscience such as Antony Gormley, Storm Thorgerson, Liliane Lijn, Prof Richard Frackowiak, Prof Chris Knight, Prof Brian Butterworth, Prof Chris Frith & many more. Please check the contributors page for the full list of participants.

As ‘The Brain Unravelled’ tours, it will engage the most prominent expertise in the land creating exciting new connections and opportunities for local talent enabling them to thrive and grow.

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